written by Edward Orlet

LIFO in Jeopardy

Your help is needed to protect LIFO in tax reform, contact your Congressman and Senators.

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written by Tom Naber

Electrical distributors embrace digitization

In his inaugural tED magazine column as NAED chair, Dan Dungan introduced his theme of “People. Process. Products.” Dan addressed the importance of digitization and the need for real-time, multilevel data to make intelligent business decisions, and he ...

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written by Lauren Rapp

How’s the Electrical Distributor Industry Looking?

We recently released our annual State of the Industry Report, an important industry research that provides benchmarks from your peers and their thoughts on the future. Listed below are just a few highlights that I thought were interesting: Just 2% of all ...

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written by Dennis Harris

How do we get to the INTENT of Diversity Programs?

Nearly weekly I get a phone call or email from a prime contractor or manufacturer asking how we can work together to “process” an order that requires a diverse market spend. As I go through the now routine process of explaining how we prefer to engage ...

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written by Steve Hughes

A Quick Way to Feel More Powerful

“I’m just not feeling it.” Have you ever thought this to yourself before facing a difficult challenge or unpleasant task? We all have. Sometimes we feel this way before giving presentations as well. Whether it’s the topic, the audience, or the time of ...

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written by Jamie Brooks

7 Signs Your Distribution Firm Needs a New Intelligence System

Suppliers and distributors generate volumes of data every day. This data is becoming critical to help firms understand how well their businesses are doing, and more importantly, what they can do to improve. Some have called data the modern-day currency, ...

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