Giving Credit Where Credit is Overdue

Ever had your name called in a ballroom full of your peers because you were nominated for an industry award?

For those few who have, it’s an honor that usually happens once in a career.

Most of us are fortunate. We enjoy our jobs. We’re passionate about our work. We have colleagues who share our passion. We work for people who inspire us, teach us, and who we respect. Now it’s time that these great leaders and companies are recognized.

Here’s your chance to shine a light on those colleagues, peers, and heroes who you believe bring a spark to your company. We are currently accepting nominations for the NAED Annual Achievement Awards. These awards highlight individuals (Arthur W. Hooper Achievement Award, Distributor Distinguished Service Award, and Associate Service Award) and companies (Industry Award of Merit, Distributor Excellence in Talent Development and Manufacturer Excellence in Talent Development Awards). Don’t be shy – you can nominate someone from your company or your own company for these awards!

5 Reasons to take 5 Minutes

  1. Let them shine – Our annual award recipients are shining examples of leadership within the electrical distribution industry.
  2. It’s motivational - There’s nothing like being an award winner to boost office morale. It could even help attract top talent. Who doesn’t love working for a winner?
  3. Raise your company’s visibility – An award could elevate the status of your company and advance your profile.
  4. Increase your company’s credibility: Awards act as a source of credibility so media contacts and other professionals could develop even more respect for you or your firm as a top-tier brand and expert.
  5. It’s free and easy to nominate – there is no cost to choose a deserving person or company, and all forms are online!

Take five minutes to recognize and reward those leaders and companies who go above and beyond to inspire their teams to do great things and move the industry forward.


Each award has its own criteria and application form. Act quickly – the deadline is December 31, 2018.

Award winners will be celebrated at the National Meeting during the Chairman’s Awards Banquet and NAED Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, May 5, 2019.

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Michelle McNamara

Michelle McNamara

Michelle McNamara is the COO of the NAED and the Executive Director of the NAED Education and Research Foundation. In her dual roles, McNamara is responsible for implementing strategic plans to further the mission of NAED and the Foundation. Prior to 2011, she was the Vice President of NAED and the Executive Director of the NAED Foundation where she was responsible for program and project execution including direct management of multiple departments and fundraising. McNamara joined NAED in 1998 to manage educational events. McNamara began her non-profit career with The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).