Expensing of QIP Fix

With another government shutdown looming and a new Congress on the way in, these deadlines create an atmosphere where something might get done on Capitol Hill and NAED is pushing hard for a fix concerning Qualified Improvement Property (QIP). The error was made in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017, and the mistake is costing money for NAED members. In this Government Affairs update, Ian Reynolds, General Counsel for NAED, explains the error and what NAED is doing on your behalf. 

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Ian Reynolds

Ian Reynolds

Ian Reynolds is the General Counsel and Director of Government Affairs for NAED. He joined NAED in March of 2018 after previous experience at Husch Blackwell and Emerson Electric Co. Ian graduated from Saint Louis School of Law (SLU) and is currently working on a wide variety of legal issues for NAED.