Three Reasons Why You Should Attend the Talent Development Conference

One of the biggest challenges for a Human Resources Department lies in securing the right people, with the right abilities, for the right position, at the right time.

As seasoned HR professionals know, this is not an easy feat. Whether you’re eagerly beginning your career in training or you’re a veteran in a development role, we hope you’ll join us from October, 2-4 at the Dallas Marriott City Center in Dallas, TX.

But, if you’re on the fence as to whether you should attend, here are a few points to ponder...

HR is Becoming a Key Player in Business Strategy. 

HR and talent development departments have typically taken a backseat to more numbers-oriented departments like marketing and business development. But as the business landscape evolves, many companies are viewing HR and talent development as a strategic part of the business. Today’s organizations have realized HR can greatly enhance and develop a business thanks to advances in psychology, data analytics, and recruiting.

NAED Talent Development Conference gives attendees the tools and knowledge needed to become a key player in helping their organizations succeed as well as in helping themselves. Attendees at this event learn industry best practices and have opportunities to network and share ideas in a non-competitive environment.

Leverage your NAED Resources to Benefit Your Business.

Upgrading your skills and learning something new that you can bring back to the team can help everyone in your department. This is also a valuable way to stay updated on the latest HR trends around the nation.

During this time you'll learn more about the many resources NAED has that can not only help your organization but your own department. For example, get a thorough look into NAED's new Leadership Development Program to understand how the program can help your department enhance employee leadership skills. You'll also get a peek into the Building a Connected Business program and a demo of our new Learning Management Software (LMS) system.

Find Inspiration and Camaraderie.

It can be tough to stay inspired each and every day. The conference is designed specifically for professionals in HR, who are in training, learning, and development roles. Meet others who are interested in learning how to address the critical issues facing companies in our industry through interactive discussions and networking. Tackling these challenges are no small feat. But sometimes you need to get out of your workspace – and headspace – to trade experiences and find fresh perspectives when addressing those critical issues. 

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