Authenticity Matters: How to Build Relationships in the Virtual Workplace

When it comes to professional and personal success, creating a meaningful, authentic connection is becoming increasingly important. That plays into team building, managing, and also interfacing with customers.

With the onslaught of COVID-19, buyer behavior has been shifting. While the practice of buyers informing themselves before they buy has gotten more and more common over the past decade, buyers are now taking that a step further. They understand the products but where do they want to take their business? Most of the time, they choose to do business with who they trust. 

Trust is the foundation of all successful professional relationships – whether it is with your relationship with coworkers or customers.

But how to you earn that trust? How do you build that relationship capital that leads to trust? That’s where two recorded webinars can be of help.

In Building Relationships in the Virtual Workplace with Elizabeth Haberberger, Elizabeth addresses the importance of building relationships when it comes to meeting your goals. She also discusses the best way to meet challenges (create strong teams, supportive relationships, and a cooperative environment) – no matter where you are. She even gives viewers a tip on how to remember a person’s name. 

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In the second webinar… Building Virtual Relationships Master Sales Facilitator and bestselling author Ed Wallace and Mark Roberts, Sales Effectiveness consultant and coach, team up to talk about how you and your sales teams can protect revenue by building virtual, yet authentic relationships. Because if you protect your revenue now, provide a competitor-proof experience for your customers, you build a foundation for future growth.

Check out Elizabeth's webinar. Or tune into Ed and Mark's recorded webinar today!

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