Resources to Help You In Building A Connected Business

Designing your business to successfully power through the next decade is no easy task. Especially right now.  And with the speed of technology changing, it can feel like a full-time job simply trying to stay in the know. That’s why the Building a Connected Business plan was created to provide members with a plan for digital transformation.

Along with the plan, we’ve also created resources. Such as:

  • A Building a Connected Business blog which will touch base on topics addressed in the plan. The "Digital Distributor," will publish at least once a month. Subject matter will focus on future growth strategies and different areas of your business including Human Resources, Operations, Marketing and Sales, and Information Technology.
  • A LinkedIn Group to discuss issues pertaining to business and technology.
  • Monthly surveys to learn what other electrical distributors are doing, and opportunities to ask questions of your own to others in the industry. And we will share the results with you so you can what your peers in the industry think!

Become part of the Building A Connected Business LinkedIn Group. Or, participate in this month's survey and pose a question to other members!

New to the Building a Connected Business plan? Learn about it here. Or get a peak as to the information it contains by downloading the executive summary

Our main objective is to start some insightful and engaging conversations about digital transformation to help everyone. We are all in this together, and together we can prepare our industry for the future.

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