Download the 2024 PAR Report

With so many discussions on the pace of the market, sales trends, and the right mix of operating costs, it can quickly become daunting to determine if you’re on the right track. It’s one thing to see your company’s numbers and feel pretty good about the bottom line, but how does it compare to others in the industry? How can you determine that you’ve really done some things right the past year?

One of the best ways to check is the NAED PAR Report® which provides distributor-specific benchmarks of key operating data for NAED members. The latest report is from the 2023 fiscal year and includes comparative financial ratios and operations data for the following areas:

  • Balance sheets
  • Cash cycle components
  • Employee productivity
  • Financial ratios
  • Income statements

The report includes seven different breakouts of the results to gauge financial performance:

  • All Distributors
  • Best in Class (top 25%, based on Return on Assets Performance)
  • Distributors by Net Sales Volume
  • Distributors by Customer Segment (based on sales by segment)
  • Distributors by Warehouse Sales
  • Number of Branches/Locations
  • U.S. Region (based on location of company headquarters)

Visit the NAED Shop to obtain your copy of the report. Be sure to log in so we know that you’re a member and receive the exclusive price of $759 for the report (please note that price will be reflected at checkout; non-member price is $1,799).

If your company participated, or you have any questions, contact the Member Engagement Team at 888.791.2512.



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