New Member Spotlight — Brandon Industries

Brandon Industries is a leading National Streetscape provider, at the forefront of enhancing the face of America’s neighborhoods while retaining their heritage. It is our goal to bring visually stunning spaces to life.

We are located in McKinney, Texas, which is home to some of the most historic homes in the state. We manufacture and distribute residential, municipal, and commercial streetscape components, including mailboxes with classic designs and customized street signs and lamp posts. All products are skillfully designed to enhance the streetscapes of America, as well as preserving and restoring older buildings.

Even after 30 years of providing streetscape services, we still continue to grow and expand our office space in order to accommodate the increasing volume of customers and sales throughout the United States. Brandon Hall, who is the son of company founders Bryan and Jan Hall, continues to lead the company on its path forward with innovative designs and continuous improvements in the quality and efficiency of existing parts, along with adding new and groundbreaking parts to its product line.

We value our employees and consider them a part of our extended family. We take pride in creating a healthy working atmosphere for our employees, by using lots of natural lighting and promoting a culture of providing exceptional products and great customer service. This healthy work environment is highlighted by the fact that most of the employees have worked in the company for more than 10 years.

We pride ourselves in having very knowledgeable sales associates who are able to provide a very personalized customer service experience to their clients.

Name: Brandon Industries
Joined: December 2021
NAED Member Type: Prospective Manufacturer
Headquarters: McKinney, Texas
Service Area: North America


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