Member Spotlight: Three Questions for Jordan Brown of Yale Electric Supply

Jordan Brown, an Account Representative of Yale Electric Supply Company recently earned his Dual Certification which means he's got the Certified Electrical Professional (CEP) and Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC) training. (Great job, Jordan!) Today, we're talking to him about his insights on the CEP aspect of the program.

JBROWN2.Q: How would you describe your experience with the program?

A: Overall I would say that my experience was very positive. The CEP program allowed me to see material that has helped me to better grow my sales processes. I felt as if the program was very thorough at digging into the foundations of sales as a whole, relating it to what we do at a distributor level, and validating some of the practices that my company has taught through my time here.


Q: Did you have a favorite part of the program?

A: My favorite part of the program was probably analyzing different personality types and how essential it is to dig into these every time you approach a new prospective client. Additionally, I enjoyed the breakdown of organizations. I will say, it has become easier for me to identify roles at respective customer’s businesses and more easily identify the correct person to talk to.


Q: Since your graduation of the program, how has it assisted you in your current role?

A: Since graduation, the program has given me a true boost of confidence. Bringing these new concepts into real life application has brought me success and has improved the quality of interactions I have with those I serve. I think that this program is something that should be accessible at all levels of a distributorship. The CEP’s focus on strengthening fundamentals and developing a more analytical approach to sales is of great value.

Learn more about the CEP program.

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