Leadership and Learning

Everyone is busy. We all have a list of tasks that must be accomplished. We also know that it's important to get out of the office and work on our professional development. Leadership training can help you develop and apply your personal leadership style in a way that gets results.

One way to do that is by attending a conference because a great conference forces you to grow. The NAED LEAD Conference provides our industry's emerging leaders with the chance to develop their careers through education and networking opportunities.  

Our speakers, Aaron Thomas and Ben Newman, are sure to inspire you. Aaron will speak about overcoming adversity and making the most out of your circumstances. Ben will talk about sales strategies.  

Here are three additional reasons why you should attend LEAD:  

Increase your abilities. The LEAD Conference gives you the opportunity to gain new skills from leading experts. Learn new leadership principles and get relevant advice that you can incorporate into your leadership skills.  

Fuel your leadership fire. Find encouragement, motivation, and inspiration by networking with your peers. New people and new ideas offer a new perspective. Plus, it's great to have these types of mutually supportive relationships.

Execute an effective leadership style. By attending conferences such as LEAD, you can learn to develop your leadership style to get the results you want.

It's not too late for you to register for this year’s conference. Your time away from the office will be well worth it.

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Chris Provo

Chris Provo