Innovation Inspiration with Diana Kander - Deep Questions

Deep Questions

In this week’s installment of Innovation Inspiration, Diana discusses 5 questions you should be asking your customer to gain better insight into your relationship with them. The questions allow you to see more useful answers that you can use to better understand them and better position your company.




If you have a question about innovation for Diana Kander, you can email her at diana@dianakander.comDiana will answer it in a future Innovation Inspiration video.

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Diana Kander

Diana Kander

Diana is the New York Times bestselling author of All In Startup, a novel outlining lessons for launching successful companies. The book has been used in over 70 universities to teach innovation and entrepreneurship. Today, Diana is a keynote speaker and innovation coach for Fortune 1000 companies. She advises corporate boards and executives on managing innovation and trains employees to think more like entrepreneurs.