How Much is Enough Training?

During the Western Region Conference, NAED President & CEO Tom Naber spoke at the General Session about the training and education of staff. Mentioning that he is frequently asked, “How much is enough training?” He had the team at the NAED Education & Research Foundation look into this question. And, after some research, he has an answer – 40 hours per employee, every year.

You may be thinking that’s a pretty big number. But, it’s just one work week spread out over a year. And, there are real benefits from investing in your team. To learn about Dallas-based City Electric Supply’s (CES) training efforts, read the article in the January issue of tED magazine.

In our effort to celebrate the training and education efforts of our members, we recently released our NLC All-star list. More than 200 dedicated individuals made the list this year. The hours of completed training ranged all the way from 120 to 430 hours. Do you know any All-stars on the list? Is your company represented?



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NAED Education and Training Team

NAED Education and Training Team