Embrace Automation Opportunities with EPEC

2016 NAED Market Overview studies have demonstrated 79% of distributors are selling automation products. The most successful distributors have trained their associates to read and understand the language of automation, and others have just a handful of specialists.


While news stories focus on drones delivering products and cars that drive themselves, your business can embrace the challenges of a future where everything is automated. If you have specialists who aren’t good at sharing their knowledge, or you need to make sure everyone has a higher level of skill, we have the answer.

We are proud to announce EPEC Automation, a series of four online modules designed to help your staff improve its knowledge in recognizing and developing opportunities in signals, decisions, and actions (inputs, logic devices, and outputs). The modules are self-paced and full of exciting visuals and interactive learning exercises. They address the needs of today’s learners and welcome more seasoned workers by comparing traditional methods of automation to today’s solutions. Students complete exercises involving a parking facility with automatic entry and exit features, a flat glass manufacturing plant, an automotive parts manufacturer, building automation, and other challenges.
Along their journeys, learners will encounter a range of products from simple push buttons and foot switches all the way through to true color sensors. They will understand closed-loop feedback and motion control, and how human and machine can work safely side-by-side. The information generated on the factory floor and sent up to the network will make sense, and your team members will understand how factory automation works in the larger world of IIOT (industrial internet of things).

Has your sales team begun exploring opportunities in this growing market? 

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Laura Simms

Laura Simms

SHRM-CP & EPEC Reviewer