Delivering Training That Matters

The word has been out for a few months now that NAED recommends a minimum amount of 40 hours of formal training for each employee every year. In order to come to that number the NAED Education & Research Foundation looked at industry standards, what our members are doing, and what other industries recommend.

My vision for the future is that we’ll create more tools that guide on the job (OTJ) learning experiences; whereas traditionally we’ve focused on our eLearning platform but used OTJ experiences in our flagship programs like EPEC.

When you have a culture of learning, attending or participating in a training program isn’t a check-the-box activity that you do today and forget tomorrow. In strong learning cultures employees look forward to participating in training because they really believe that it will help them grow in their current role or prepare for a future one.

The NAED Foundation is working hard to develop courses that are engaging and applicable by creating real world experiences for our learners to complete as part of their training. Application is key.

An employee's path to success depends on the investment you make in their future. NAED can help you develop your employees and not only achieve 40 hours of training annually, but go well beyond. Invest in your employees’ development by implementing a meaningful Achieve40 plan today.

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Catherine Viglione

Catherine Viglione

NAED Education & Research Foundation Assistant Director