Building a Culture of Learning

The world moves fast. Trying to keep pace with change is a challenge. And, the ability to adapt has become a necessity – especially when it comes to the workplace. This rapidly changing business environment keeps the pressure on in order to try and learn faster to keep a competitive advantage. Encouraging learning will help keep your associates up-to-date with the latest trends and technology. It will also help them become better at their jobs and keep them with you longer which has a positive impact on your bottom line.

Building a culture is weaving people, systems, and processes together with the values and behaviors prevalent in the business. In a culture of learning, the business’s mission, vision, and values align to encourage associates to continuously increase their knowledge and develop their skills. There is a concentrated focus on fostering an environment that supports individual development.

In this environment, associates are encouraged to learn and apply that new knowledge to their daily work.

In order for this type of culture to thrive, the message must come from the senior leadership team. The president/CEO needs to set the example and encourage both curiosity and questions.

Share your thoughts and best practices on building a culture of learning below.

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NAED Education and Training Team

NAED Education and Training Team