November 28, 2017 / by Michelle McNamara


Tuesday, November 28, 2017, is Giving Tuesday. Started in 2012, it is a movement to create an international day of giving at the beginning of the holiday season. This is a global effort where everyone is encouraged to make a difference by turning good intentions into action.


The NAED Education & Research Foundation's Future Fund campaign kicked off earlier this month. The contributions received through this campaign are used to develop and upgrade the industry-specific training programs and education courses available through the NAED Learning Center. Contributions to the Fund have a real and positive impact on those individuals who have chosen to work in our industry. I wanted to share a few examples of how your gifts help nurture and grow the industry's best talent and development in the workforce. 


Anthony Acker, Inside Sales Rep with Gexpro, started working in the industry as a delivery truck driver in 1976. After a couple of years, he moved inside to the counter. He was giving customers what they asked for but had no idea why or what the products were used for. Then in the mid-80s, he was asked to participate in the EPEC program. That's when Anthony began to learn about power distribution systems, specs, blueprints, and more. He went on to complete all three levels of EPEC and has held positions as a delivery driver to inside sales to lighting quotations, and as a project manager. According to Anthony,

"EPEC has been the single most positive affect on my career choice in the electrical distribution industry and the electrical industry as a whole."

Read Anthony's full story in The Current [PDF Download].


In December 2013, tED magazine had a story about Gary King of Springfield Electric Supply. Gary took a big chance when he left a job after 10 years and went to work in the electrical distribution industry. He had no experience in the industry but he did have a willingness to learn and how Gary used the NAED Learning Center (NLC) to gain invaluable industry knowledge. The magazine ended the story with Gary being promoted to counter sales. We recently checked in with Gary - he was promoted in April 2014 to inside sales and again in April 2016 to warehouse manager. Gary offers this advice,

"This industry offers training you need to have a career. It's up to you to take advantage of the opportunities to better yourself."


The EPEC certification programs continue to expand with your help and the timeline below demonstrates the progress and direct impact from the Future Fund. 


th.jpegWhat will you do to turn your ordinary Tuesday into #GivingTuesday?

Never before has our industry needed your help in keeping up with technological change as well as changing demographics. The best way to thrive is to reinvest in your most important asset - your people.


We can continue to build the NLC training and education offerings while adding additional programs and upgrades for new and current employees with the generous support of distributors and manufacturers. Simply click on the button below to fill out your pledge form to the NAED Future Fund. The online form takes less than a minute to complete and NAED will follow up with your or your designated contact to complete your transaction. 


Pledge to the Future Fund


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