PRESS RELEASE: tED magazine Recognizes Industry's Young Professionals

tED magazine, the official publication of the National Association of Electrical Distributors, has released its 2018 “30 Under 35” list of rising stars from across the electrical industry.

Representing today’s top emerging leaders, this list recognizes 30 talented young professionals who have the initiative, drive, integrity and creativity to move the industry forward in the decades to come.   

“Bright, up-and-coming talent is the key to our industry’s future,’” said Misty Byers, editor of tED magazine. “This is the seventh year for our ‘30 Under 35’ program, and the response just keeps growing. It's exciting to see so many valued young people in the electrical channel today. Through their accomplishments, the individuals on this list demonstrate they have the skills and knowledge to lead.”

The competition, open to electrical professionals 34 years old or younger (at the time of nomination), drew nominations from mentors, managers and other industry leaders working in electrical distribution, manufacturing, and related technology and service organizations. The tED editorial team blindly judged each submission, placing emphasis on such traits as dedication, innovation, leadership and people skills, commitment to training, personal integrity and work-life balance.   

tED magazine and NAED congratulate the 2018 “30 Under 35” professionals:  

  • Brianna Addison, Marketing Specialist, CapitalTristate
  • Aaron Ard, Senior Director, Engineering, Leviton Manufacturing
  • Jeremy Avery, Branch Manager, NorthEast Electrical Distributors
  • Brian Beaman, Network/System Administrator, Stanion Wholesale Electric
  • Jon Becker, Branch Operations Manager, Border States Electric
  • Richelle Bishoff, Pricing & Sourcing Manager, Border States Electric
  • Kati Broady, Purchasing Manager, Standard Electric Supply
  • Greg Drumheller, Inside Sales Representative, CapitalTristate
  • Ben Fordree, Industrial Account Manager, Border States Electric
  • Jillian Haage, Sales Representative—Distribution, Leviton Manufacturing
  • Kyle Hallowell, Account Manager, Siemens
  • Thaddeus Jackson, Director of Purchasing, Baynes Electric Supply
  • Kory Jacobson, Alliance Inventory Planning Supervisor, Border States Electric
  • Megan Kinkopf, Learning & Development Manager, CapitalTristate
  • Tom Klein Jr., President, Operations and R&D, Klein Tools
  • Tyler Knopp, Account Manager—CISS, Crescent Electric Supply/Stoneway Electric
  • Danielle Larson, Marketing Manager, Electrical Engineering Services & Systems Division, Eaton
  • Josiah Letko, eBusiness Specialist, Viking Electric Supply
  • Mike Madjidi, Director of Sales, Service Wire
  • Wendi Majerus, Business Technology Supervisor, Border States Electric
  • Paul Maurer, Customer Service Supervisor, Border States Electric
  • Rhonda Messing, Branch Manager, Medler Electric
  • Brian Raegen, Account Manager, Siemens
  • Andrea Ramirez-Dvoran, Account Manager, Gexpro Electrical Supply
  • Sean Retting, Project Quotations, Blazer Electric Supply
  • Kristen Scheeler, Regional Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Border States Electric
  • Michael Schinner Jr., Product Manager—Fittings, Killark Electric, Division of Hubbell
  • Jim Stewart, Branch Manager, Stanion Wholesale Electric
  • Mike Szablewski, Director of Warehouse Operations—Wisconsin, Standard Electric Supply
  • Andrew Taddoni, Product Manager, C&I, Leviton Manufacturing

This year’s recipients will receive their awards at the NAED Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Conference in Austin, Texas July 18-20. Registration is now open.

The NAED LEAD Conference is a two and a half day event that helps companies retain top employees by giving them the tools for future success. Attendees will develop management skills, learn best practices, and hear from leadership experts.  


NAED is the trade association for the $70+ billion electrical distribution industry. Through networking, education, research, and benchmarking, NAED helps electrical distributors increase profitability and improve the channel. NAED’s membership represents more than 5,100 locations internationally.  


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NAED Press Release

NAED Press Release