5 Tips on Recruiting Through Social Media

Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook. Love it or hate it – social media is here to stay!

Recruiters have been turning to social media in order to help widen their pool of candidates. Here are 5 tips on how to use social media to your advantage as you recruit for open positions within your company:

  1. Find and attract passive candidates. You’d be amazed at how many people you can reach through a tweet or post. LinkedIn is probably the most useful social media platform in recruiting a passive candidate. According to this LinkedIn Talent Blog article, more than 75% of fully-employed LinkedIn members are not actively looking for a new job. That gives you a plethora of potential candidates.
  2. Spread out your presence. Everyone uses the big three (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to recruit. Try thinking outside the box. You’ll reach more potential candidates by reaching out to candidates on non-traditional sites like Instagram.
  3. Rebrand your corporate culture. Social media is all about image. Take some time to think about out how you want to promote your brand through these platforms. To attract new talent, you need to explain the benefits of working at your company. Share your business wins or stories about workplace events. Post videos and images of people on the job or products in action.
  4. Leverage social media accounts to develop your pipeline. Social media makes it easier to find perspective candidates because they frequently organize by interests. That gives you some pre-segmentation in which you can tailor your message. Additionally, you can learn a lot about people through their social media activity – interests, business connections, professional background. That gives you a better chance to personalize your message.
  5. Engage with influencers to multiply the reach of your social recruiting messages. There are already lots of people and organizations out there that have built sizeable engaged followings of the exact types of candidates your business would like to recruit. As a recruiting team, you want to build relationships with these influencers to quickly see the reach of your recruiting brand skyrocket on social media. Reaching 20 or 30 times as many people as you have followers is what you’re aiming for and will be most quickly realized by cultivating influencer relationships rather than going it alone.
Share your best practices for recruiting through social media in the comments below!

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NAED Education and Training Team

NAED Education and Training Team